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Gabriel Clark


Week 6: News


Buenas tardes padres,

Excuse me for not sending any news sooner. I have been working past 8 pm these last few nights and I am still not caught up (parent volunteers are still welcome).

Here are a couple of updates you may want to be aware of:
1. I will post class news here :
2. Science: We are starting a new Heat unit in Science (try to talkto your child about the warm up each night, if possible)
3. Work Habits: Weekly Notebook and Assignment sheet checks at home are highly encouraged but not required (most parents preferTuesdays or Thursdays).
4. Math: Chapter 1 test Thursday/Friday
5. Grade Tip: to help raise your child's grade in math; ask them toretake any low scores in Big Ideas.
6. Breaks: I am available to help tutor M, T, Th, F
7. Grades: several assignments will be entered into the online grade book in the next few days. Be ready for an update on grades.

Tengan una buena semana,

Gabriel Clark



Progress Report: Help video


Follow the link below to get help on how to check your grades for progress reports and more.


Please remember:


1) staple a pink 1/2 credit sheet for any zeros

2) staple a purple full credit sheet to work for absent work

3) Write your name and section under "Retakes" to Redo any "Big Ideas" assignment