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How To Sign Up


First, you will need to get an application. Go to the front office or go to room 21 to pick one up. Circle the classes you wish to take on the days you wish to attend. Parents should review the application together. Be sure to choose one academic class and one enrichment (fun) class for each day you attend. Sign up for at least 4 days per week, 2 hours per day. On Fridays there are no academic classes. Only sign up for those days you know you can attend. Do not sign up if you plan to go out for an after-school sports team. Students may not change classes and are required to attend classes they sign up for. Some students will be required to attend academic classes which we choose in order to raise their basic skills. Turn your completed application and signed Early Release Policy in to Mr. Riddick in room 21. Students will usually begin the program the day after they have turned in their application.

Early Release Policy:Please note the early release time for the winter months. Due to the early sunset (5:00pm or earlier), it is in the students’ best interest to leave school while it is safe to walk home & cross busy streets. Parents may also choose an early release time for their child in case of medical appointments or other after school obligations prior to 6:00 p.m (as noted on form). Please sign & return the attached Early Release Policy. Although this policy is in place, the Rolling Hills After School Program is still open everyday until 6:00 p.m. and any student is invited to attend our Tutorial Class from 5:30 until 6:00.

Application Forms