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To see how Ruth Carter designed her Academy Award-winning costumes for "Black Panther", click on this link and watch the video! Find out how she studied and honored cultures and traditions from many parts of the African continent...








Option 1 - Watch an event and write a poem about it! It can be illustrated if you wish. Write the date and name of the event on your document or poster and attach to the Google Classroom assignment on the ELA class page, or you if done by hand, turn it in! It should be proofread for capitalization and spelling. (Look stuff up if you're not sure!)


Option 2 - Write a paragraph about watching the Olympics (again, be specific about what you watched). It should include a description of the event but also your personal connections and thoughts about it. Did it inspire you in some way? If you were watching with family or friends, what was that like? There must be a topic sentence and it should be proofread for capitalization, sentences, and spelling.


Option 3 - see Option 2, but type your sentences on slides in Google Slides. If you use pictures from the internet, your last slide should list where you got those pictures.


Watch this video to complete the climate change task from 2/5/18 ^^^


For those who missed it Monday's Social Science class or wish to share with friend or family, here is the short animated video about the city of Pompeii and the volcano Mt. Vesuvius in ancient Rome:



Fun Links for Break

For some live creatures to watch:  (Scroll down for around 50 live camera feeds on animals around the world!) (print out ocean art activities to do at home)


Also consider reading something on NewsELA to keep up your reading skills - pick an article that interests you!

We had the honor of having a guest on Monday - Mrs. Janet Meizel, who aside from being Mrs. Reeve's mom :) also participated in the civil rights movement in the 1960's.  She brought her guitar and demonstrated how music from Black churches was used by protestors and translated into many languages to give messages of freedom, hope and perseverance.  She also talked about being from a family of people working for social justice, and described what the protests were like back then.

We are currently at the start of a unit on Human Rights through Literature (fiction and nonfiction)!  Here is a link to the short videos we explored this week on the Declaration of Human Rights.  These will be inspiration for student-made WeVideo projects.

Back to School Night Video!


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